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The Stingray Office

Published appreciations by authors or reviewers

Bishop Michael Marshall, ‘George’s gems’, The Church of England newspaper (18/25 Dec. 1992), 13: ‘[The Wind from the Stars:] Through the Year with George MacDonald [1992] is quite a beautiful, little book in every way’.

Anna Maria Busse Berger, Mensuration and proportion signs (1993), p. vii: ‘I should also like to thank Jeffrey Dean, who designed a special typeface for the mensuration signs and a Petrucci-inspired notational typeface for the music examples.’

C. W. T. Blackwell, Acknowledgements to Models of the history of philosophy (1993), pp. xxi–xxii: ‘Jeffrey Dean of The Stingray Office has not only typeset the text, designing it to follow the clear page design of the Italian edition, but has served as another eye, checking that what has been written is clear English and making very helpful comments on the translations of both the Italian and Latin … . Jeffrey Dean has effectively served as an additional editor.’

Richard H. Popkin, Acknowledgements to Heterodoxy, Spinozism, and free thought in early-eighteenth-century Europe (1996), p. xix: ‘Jeffrey Dean has done much to prepare the manuscript for publication and to put it into camera-ready form; we are most grateful to him for all his efforts.’

Dorit Tanay, Noting music, marking culture (1999), p. viii: ‘I am particularly grateful to Jeffrey Dean for helpful copy-editing and for supplemental scholarly information; he took especial pains to ensure that the translations of theoretical quotations have been rendered with due precision and to resolve a number of corruptions in the texts as they have come down to us.’

Letizia Panizza, Foreword to Women in Italian Renaissance culture and society (2000), p. xxi: ‘Jeffrey Dean, an academic typographer, has accomplished the Herculean task of transforming many diversely-formatted manuscripts into the elegant, polished pages we now see, and in spotting inconsistencies and discrepancies in dates, bibliographical details, the spelling of proper names, and the like, has gone far beyond his original remit.’

Richard Hunter, review of Philodemus, On poems, book 1 (2000), in Anglo-Hellenic review, 24 (2001), 22: ‘So too, the book is something of a typographical masterpiece’.

Paul Schubert, review of Philodemus, On poems, book 1 (2000), in Gnomon, 75 (2003), 358: ‘Le texte proprement dit est un chef-d’œuvre de précision philologique, mais aussi de composition typographique’.

Stanley Sadie, Acknowledgements to The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians, 2nd edn (2001), i, p. xxx: ‘Advice from Jeffrey Dean was an invaluable resource to all of us working in this crucial group of areas [‘conceptual and generic topics’, including the theory, terminology, philosophy, and psychology of music].’

Éanna Ó Ceallacháin, Eugenio Montale: the poetry of the later years (2001), p. ix: ‘My thanks go … in particular to Jeffrey Dean for his meticulous and erudite copy-editing.’

Penelope Gouk and Helen Hills, Acknowledgements to Representing emotions (2005), 12: ‘And our thanks go also to Dr Jeffrey Dean for his efficient and effective copy-editing.’

Barry Smith, Acknowledgements to The collected letters of Peter Warlock (2005), i, p. viii: ‘The helpful comments, suggestions, and improvements made by my sympathetic and erudite copy-editor, Dr Jeffrey Dean, have made this a far better thing than it might otherwise have been.’

Ian Johnson, William Alwyn (2005), p. viii: ‘Jeffrey Dean has edited my manuscript with an erudition and a helpfulness that belies the name of his Stingray Office.’

James Haar, Preface to European music, 1520–1640 (2006), p. vii: ‘Special thanks are owed to Jeffrey Dean for his expert copy-editing and his refined choice of elements of typographical design.’

Lionel Carley, Edvard Grieg in England (2006), p. xviii: ‘I am, too, indebted to The Stingray Office’s Jeffrey Dean, in whom a combination of expertise and erudition calls for particularly grateful acknowledgement.’

Dirk Obbink, Preface to Oxyrhynchus: a city and its texts (2007), p. vi: ‘In addition, the editors owe an even greater than usual debt of thanks … to Dr Jeffrey Dean for his superior typographical composition’.

Mark Goldie, Acknowledgements to The Entring book of Roger Morrice (2007), i, p. xx: ‘Design and copy-editing was placed in the hands of Jeffrey Dean of The Stingray Office, Manchester, who handled the whole text with exemplary care, alacrity, intellectual discretion, and good humour, and whose erudition saved us from innumerable errors.’

Susan Boynton and Eric Rice, Acknowledgements to Young choristers, 650–1700 (2008), p. ix: ‘We are grateful to Jeffrey Dean for improving the substance of the volume considerably in the course of his editing.’

Margaret Connolly and Linne R. Mooney, Acknowledgements to Design and distribution of late medieval manuscripts in England (2008), p. xi: ‘In particular we should like to thank Jeffrey Dean of The Stingray Office for his efficient and intelligent copy-editing.’

Siân Echard, author of ‘BOOM: seeing Beowulf in pictures and print’, in Anglo-Saxon culture and the modern imagination (2010), in an e-mail message: ‘… the best copy-editing I've had for a long time, and the final product is lovely …’