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Jeffrey J. Dean

List of published writings

Scores and sound files

Additional scores and sound files will be posted here as they become available.

Scores are presented in PDF format. They may be used freely, but they are copyrighted publications and must be properly cited as independent publications, ‘edited by Jeffrey J. Dean’, if they are used in public (place of publication and publisher are Manchester (England): The Stingray Office, date as shown). Scores have been prepared in a format that will allow full-size printing (without scaling) on either A4 paper or (in North America) 8½" × 11" paper. The appearance on the latter will be better if centered, but on A4 it is better to allow printing at the top of the page.

Sound files are in high-resolution MP3 format. The performance is typically on recorders. Where a single score has been realized as more than one sound file (for instance, in masses, where there are separate sound files for the major sections), the link is to a ZIP archive.



anon., ascribed to ‘Josquin’: Celorum decus Maria, 9vv


anon.: Huc omnes pariter, 4vv


sound file


Planned for the very near future:

Philippon (Philippe Basiron): Mass L’homme armé, 4vv


anon.: Mass Dieu quel mariage, 3vv